Who We Are


The Provider Enterprises, Inc., contracts with School Districts to transport special needs students. Our facility is located in Brentwood, NH and houses the corporate office including operations, customer support, and training as well as our maintenance facility.

The Provider was formally incorporated in 1987.  However, transportation services actually began in 1981 when Katie Scholes began volunteering as a substitute driver to transport her daughter, Jennifer.  Over the next few years we realized there was a need to provide services to children with special needs or requirements that standard school buses and school bus companies were unable or unequipped to deliver.

Currently with over 240 buses and drivers, 50+ school districts, and 1200 special needs students we are the largest company in New Hampshire dedicated to serving children with special needs.  The Provider was founded on the principle of "SERVICE" to Districts, Teachers, Special Needs Students and their families.  We are committed to serving our customers and our employees.  Further, we are committed to maintaining and building an organization and a team which respects and supports one another.

We are also striving to provide better and more effective service through continued review of policies and practices. Our goal is to provide consistently better service to our customers. We will do so by continuing to develop a world-class special needs transportation company that recognizes and utilizes the talents of each employee and through each employee, promote a spirit of commitment, service and excellence.